Frontera colozal, Chiapas – waterfalls in the jungle
Palenque, Chiapas – the ruins of Palenque(temple of the sun) (18-11-07)
San Cristòbal de las casas, Chiapas – David in the museum of mayan medicine(16-11-07)

Tuxtla gutierrez, Chiapas(Mex) – Zoo, an iguana (15-11-07)
OAX – the family Quiñonez(13-11-07)

OAX_ me at monte alban
Me at Monte Alban, Oaxaca.(02-11-07)

OAX_ an ice dealer in Mexico
The „shop“ you can buy these crushed, flavoured ice.

OAX_ Juan on a market near the church of soledad
Juan near the church of solitariness, we had some nieves de tuna(crushed ice with flavor of the fruit of nopal).

OAX_Monte Alban X
An ancient playground of Monte Alban.

OAX_Monte Alban IX
Gras on the mountain of Monte Alban.

OAX_Monte Alban VIII
The temples of Monte Alban III.

OAX_Monte Alban VII me in front of some cactus
The temples of Monte Alban, in fornt of some nopals and agaves.

OAX_Monte Alban VI Juan and me
Juan and me, at the temples of Monte Alban.

OAX_Monte Alban V stonehead
Engraved stones, at the temples of Monte Alban.

OAX_Monte Alban IV me
Me at the temples of Monte Alban, with some wrap trousers.

OAX_Monte Alban III
The temples of Monte Alban II.

OAX_Monte Alban II
The temples of Monte Alban I.

OAX_Monte Alban I
The view down to the city, from the temple of Monte Alban.

OAX_ grashopper
Some grashoppers, on the stair of a church, making love…;)

OAX_ me on the roof of my house at night
Me on the roof, just some seconds after dusk.

OAX_ at night
The city of Oaxaca, in the evening.

OAX_view from the roof of my house_night
Dusk seen from the roof of my house, gorgeous!

OAX_streetart grafitti calle del fortin
Grafitti, on my way home.

OAX_streetart dias de muertos
Some streetarts, for the day of the dead, on my way to school.

OAX_ museo, …
A famous, female painter of mexico, made of sand.

OAX_ museo, Norma, Marion, Jennifer
My teacher Norma, Marion(swiss), Jennifer(USA), in a museum.

Altar for the day of the dead IV
Some altar from a group of mixtecs, in a museum.

Altar for the day of the dead III - skull
A wooden skull, on an altar, representing the dead souls.

Altar for the day of the dead II
Another classic altar, with flowers, bread of the dead, fruits, water…

Altar for the day of the dead I
dias del muertos, some altars 2-11-07.

Samuel and the baby
That’s Samuel and his 4 month old baby.(01-11-07)

Sand Pic dia de muertos
The day of the dead, some pictures in the streets, made of sand. 01-11-07

Chocolate factory OAX
Chocolate factory in Oaxaca, it tastes amazing.

Benito de Juarez - Ex-presidente de Mexico
Statue of Benito Juarez, Ex-presidente de Mexico.

Broken cars in the streets of Oaxaca
In the street Allende, some people park their car for a little bit longer.

Street at the Plaza de Santo domingo
Nearby the church of Santo Domingo, my favorite place to hang out, dreink coffee and play hackysag.

Me at hierve de agua - cold springs
Me at the cold springs, „hierve de agua“, after swimming in the cold water. (28-11-07)

Hierve de agua cold springs III
The sight over the valley, of „hierve de agua“.

Hierve del agua cold springs II
„hierve da agua“, natural springs, but a little cold…

Hierve del agua cold springs I
Also the „cold springs“, valley and natural fountains of cold water.

Edith at the Temple of Mitla
Edith, office woman of the school, in front of the temple of Mitla.

Me at the temple of Mitla
Me in the middle of the temle of Mitla.

a factory of Mezcal near Oaxaca
A Mezcal-factory, with gratis mezcal, even some worms, they put in the bottles…

Coloured houses and blooming plants
In the streets of Oaxaca, coloured houses and blooming plants, all over…

A mexican beetle
The smallest VW-beetle i have ever seen.

The garden of … ??? forgot the name OAX
A garden area in Oaxaca, i forgot the name…

Me and Juan
That’s Juan, a student of music, in Mexico D.F., i met him in the streets of Oaxaca.

Church Santo Domingo - OAX
The church of Santo Domingo, a good point to meet in the city(OAX).

Me eating a champolino con chili
Me eating a grashopper, called champolines, with chilli flavor, mmmhhhhh! i like it.

Fiesta en la calle
The mexicans party every day, also in the streets, always with artificial rockets…

Street Art Oaxaca II
Street art in Oaxaca…

Calle de Allende, my daily walk from my house to the school
My way from school to home, here there are lots of beetles…

Mat and Lenore from Canada(OAX)
That’s Leonore and Mat, from Canada, with them i came to Oaxaca, by 1.class bus.

View of the roof of my house in Oaxaca
That’s the view out of my window, que buena vista, heh?

Thomas, Bono & Mathilde MexDF, parc de Cualtepec
Some swiss guys, Thomas and Bono, and Mathilde from Canada,we went to the parc of Cualtepec in the city of mexico.

Aztek Vases in the antropologic museum of Mexico City
Some aztec vases, in the museum of antropology, Mex.D.F.

Lucha libre
In Mex.D.F. i have been to a „lucha libre“, mexican wrestling, it’s very popular over here, it was great.

Gruesse aus Oaxaca!!! (hier hat es uebrigends 27*C)

Icke_ OAX_enfrente de un cafe

Ein mexikanischer MiniKaefer…

bunte Haeuser und politische Grafitti

Alles blueht und gedeiht…

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