hi folks,

I am in Guatemala for about ten days, one more week to go… then i am heading to Costa Rica. Right now i am in Panajachel, at the lake Atitlan, it`s great. Still travelling with David, from Barcelona, a nice fellow. I have been to Flores and Tikal, the great mayan temples in the middle of the jungle. After that in Livingston, at the golf of Honduras, over there live black people, called the Garifuna, and at that time there was a three day festival of the Garifunas… more 2morrow…. greets yours fle

Gutemala, San Pedro, el volcano Santiago
The Volcano Santiago, at the lake of Atitlan.

GUA, San Pedro, David and me after swimming in the lake Atitlan
David and me after swimming in the lake of Atitlan.

DAvid and i on a horse trip, Lake Atitlan, GUA
David and me on a horsetrip around lake Atitlan.

Me at the lake Atitlan, San Pedro, Guatemala
Me at the lake of Atitlan, drinking coffee.

Gutemala, San Pedro  David and me in a cafe
David and me on a boat, crossing the lake of Atitlan.

GUA, Rio Dulce hostel under the bridge
Rio Dulce, David and me stayed one night there, before going down the river to Livingston, where i didn´t take one picture… .

GUA,Flores - Cave of Atun Kan
Luisa(ger), Martina(swed) and David(esp) in the dark cave of Atun Kan.

GUA, Tikal - Me with my cowboyhat from San Cristobal
Me at the ruins of Tikal, (with my cowboyhat from San Cristobal,Mex and my Big Lebowski t-shirt from Canada)

Guatemala, Tikal, temple of the dead
Mayan Temple of the dead, Tikal, Guatemala.

so once again i can’t resize the pics, so i choose the best of the last 7 days… ->

Tikal, Guatemala – me in front of the temple of live
Rio dulce, Gua – my new home at the riverside…;)
San Felipe, Gua – on the Rio dulce, a spanish castle

Flores, Gua – David taking pics of the sunset…

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