CR, La Fortuna, clearwing
That’s a Glasswing butterfly, on a leaf, at the butterfly Garden in La Fortuna, at the side of the volcano.

CR, La Fortuna, the great morpho
This is the Blue Morpho, Family Nymphalidae, his blue wings reflect the sunlight, the downside of the wings look like athe head of a snake, so when he sits down, he closes his wings, so no animal tries to eat him…

CR, La Fortuna, caterpillar of the morpho
That’s the caterpillar of the blue morpho, on my hand, he was a little slicky.

CR, Monteverde, Thorsten and me after the canopy
11-12-07 St. Helena, Costa Rica
That’s Thorsten from Germany and me after the funniest Canopy tour in Monteverde, as you can see, we’re still having fun, and the last rope was a little dirty…

CR, Lake Arenal, Mammals on the street
These guys we met on the street, between Tilaran and La Fortuna / i think that’s a kind of lemurs…, but actually i don’t know, tell me when you recoognize’em.

CR, Monteverde, me doing the Canopy
Me on a rope of the fabulous Canopy tour(ropeways), 14 ropes and one so called tarzan swing, it was a 8 mt. jump into the deep, till the rope pulls you, similar to a bungee jump…

CR, Monteverde, the Reserva
Kind of a small rainforest, in the Reserva de Motneverde.

CR, Monteverde, me in the reserva
In the reserva de Monterverde, me under a huge leave, looking for a dry place to hide from the rain… 😉

CR, Samara, litter on the streets
The sign says:“Don’t leave your litter“ … (In Samara, near the beach, on the peninsula of Nicoya)

Me on the beach of samara, Costa rica
Me on the beach of Samara, enjoying the view and some music, and the sea.

Samara beach, CR
That’s the beach of Samara, on the east coast of the Peninsula of Nicoya, Pacific side.

Larry from Florida in front of his pickup
That’s is LARRY, the guy from Florida, in front of his Pickup.

Mainor, the nice truck driver, Manolos CR
Mainor, a nice bus criver who took me from Atenas(Manolos) to Puntarenas.

Garry Flemming, my second cousin
That’s my second cousin Garry Flemmig, in Atenas, Costa Rica.

The view out of the cabina at pococielo, Atenas
That’s the view out of a cabina, on Garry’s place.

Me after a day of work at garrys
After working in the hot sun, in Atenas, Costa Rica, on the new cabins, Garry is building, I really was finished…

03-12-2007 Alajuela, Costa Rica

First visit was the volcano Poas, with the crater, a new fruit and some beautiful plants:

GUA - Costa Rica, me on the plane
Me on the plane from Guatemala City to San Jose(Costa Rica) having a tonic without gin;(

CR - me on the volcano Poas
Me on the volcano Poas, in front of a smouldering sulfur lake.

CR - a granadilla fruit
A fresh granadilla, very soft and sweet, similar to a lychee – i like it.

CR - a unknown plant, blooming
Beauty of nature, on the way to the volcano poas.