Hitchhiking from Atenas to playa Samara

hey folks,

still fine, but running out of money, so i decided to hitchhike a little, to save some money. So did I, first from Atenas with a nice truck driver, who took me near Puntarenas, from there with a ferry to plaza naranjo, both very ugly cities… then i met an american guy, 60 years old, who took the same ferry, he was on the run, because the police in Florida wanted to take him into jail. But there was no bus and he seemed to be nice, so i decided to join him to playa Coyote, on his Chevrolet Silverado, V8, 400PS, with a trailer. So we crossed the rough roads through the mountains, and ended up in playa samara, because he wnted to get to some tarred road. It was quiet an adventure, even thow i talked to him and he can´t speak one word of spanish, and within the time he told me that the police catched him back in the 80´s, with 40kg of cocaine, so he got to be a felony, who wasn´t allowed to carry a weapon or something else, so came, that they catched him a second time a few months ago, with a weapon and 21g of coca. He had to face between 5-55 years of prison, so he took all his stuff and ran… and on this trip we met…

Now two days later, i left him, he drove me to Juntas, the last tarred road to Monteverde. by the way his name is Larry Parrham, and now he is looking for some place to stay, for the next five years, because that´s what his lawyer told him to reckon as the punishment. So I taught him some useful frases in spanish and said goodbye. 

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  1. goshi sagt:

    huhu ich hab n hüttchen gefunden für 1woche für 17.50 pro person ….im wallis schigebiet sass fee … wie schauts !?

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