Jungle and rivercrossing to Flores,Guatemala

hey folks,

i am fine, i just couldn’t reach the net for about 5 days… because i went to the jungle. so now in short, my last week:

After the beach in Puerto Escondido, i went with a dutch guy to Tuxtla Gutierrez, to see the Zoo, it was great. then we went to San Cristobal de las casas, a nice city in the mountains of Chiapas, we’ve seen some indigenous folks, and a museum of mayan medicine, very interesting, but in the night San Cristobal was really cold, so we went further on to Palenque, to visit the ruins over there, i try to upoad some pics soon…

In Palenque i decided to join a spanish guy, David Vazquez, really nice person, looks a little like Andi from waldshut(germany), and with him i went to la frontera colozal, at the gutemalian border, to see some more indigenous folks, right in the jungle, but the mayan culture get’s lost by the time and the global matrialism…, we’ve spent some time in the jungle, and swam in some ice cold fresh waterfalls, in the middle of the jungle.

From there we took a bus to the river, which is the border between Mexico and Gutemala, we crossed the river and continued to Flores, and tonight we are going to the ruins, at 3a.m, to see the sun rise at the ruins. So far, i won’t go back to Mexico, because it’s not worth it, for me right now, and Guatemala is much cheaper and the people are really amable… so i have 10 more days here… and David, the spanish guy really is a good fellow to travel with.

greets from Guatemala, yours .fle

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  1. schüss sagt:

    huhu das klingt gut. zeig mal bilder vom „andi“ 😉 und pass auf die tierchen auf die die harnröhre hochschwimmen
    bis soon

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