Hi guys,
Mexico-city was not that inviting, bad smell, many policemen(hundreds in every street, you know, security…) and not like you suppose it to be. so i only spent there two days, just to get used to the next country… so i only saw the centre of the city, some parcs and the museum of antropology, but i met some nice people from switzerland, Canada(Quebec), and went with some other canadians further on to Oaxaca, by bus, first class and cheap, and i saw more of the country and some movies in spanish on the bus.
So i am now in oaxaca for three weeks, staying with a nice family, on a hill, so my view is awesome, even though i don`t have warm water, neither a toilet seat, but i am fine anyway…
Today i had my first „schoolday“, and the teacher said, my spanish would be good already 🙂
More about the city of Oaxaca in a few days… pics will follow, i forgot my cable…
So far greets to all of you,
thanks for commenting, i feel better every time i read a comment,
yours .fle

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