The last days of my trip i spent in Havana, Cuba…  

CUBA_Hav_city skyline in the sunset

My last sunset on the trip, the skyline of the city of havana,view of the Castillo de la Real Fuerza.
CUBA_Hav_statue of Don Quijote
A statue of Don Quijote, riding his horse, naked.
An oldtimer from the states of the 50´s (with an old russian diesel engine…)
CUBA_Hav_plaza de la revolution
The plaza de la revolution, with an of Che Guevara and the flag of cuba.

CUBA_Hav_Callejon de Hamel
The street „callejon de hamel“ in the vedado, where a black community lives some different culture.

CUBA_Hav_Ernesto on the wall
An image of Che on the streets of Havana viejo(old havana).

The „capitolio“ of Havana, similar to some building in Washington, D.C. … 😉

Streetartists in old havana.

The church of St. Ignacio, one of my favorite places, because of the band…

CUBA_Hav_Band street
The band, they played great music, on the square of the church st. ignacio.

Panama City 14.-19. dec 2007

PAN_city skyline
The skyline of Panama-city, view from the old district.

PAN_Kunas on the street
Some indigenous women – kunas, selling authentic stuff to tourists.

The famous canal of Panama, not that interesting…

A dance in old Panama, on a festival, which tried to join cities all over the world,

„It´s more easy to join cities than countries, and it´s better to dance, than to murder,

– cities are dancing…“

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