Vietnam / a review

After 2 weeks travelling through Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) to HUE, i can summarize my experience as follows>

// the vietnamese people are used to noise, as they drive scooters the most (97% of the vehicles on the street), and honking is their way to speak on the street, (similar to Kairo for example). They use mouthpieces for scooters, because of the hard pollution, they carry whole famlies or even cupboards on them and they are very fast in pulling over a rain jacket, as it starts out of a sudden …

// most of the people are friendly, willing to help and speak, at least some words of english. But as the monthly income lies around US$ 300, there are huzzlers as well, trying to sell all kinds of stuff. If the prices are in US, you can bet, they are too high… kind of touristy/style, because at first it seems reasonable. But if you know the prices, you can bargain down to a third or fourth of the original price. The street vendors are honest, as they tell you the real price in VND [28.000 Dong ~= 1Euro, US$ 1 ~ 20.000 Dong]

So still no good connection, nore pc, so pics will follow asap …\

last day in Saigon, 2hrs to oủ flight back… gréets from VIETNAM!!!!!