My last day in Guate & my first day in Costa Rica

hi folks,

i am still fine, well and good looking…;) I couldn`t change my flights, so i had to leave my new friend David at the lake of Atitlan, in San Pedro, he has just started doing some Artesanias, and he is fine. I for myself spent the last 2 days in Antigua, with an American from Alaska, a nice fella. on the last day we hiked up to the active volcano Pacaya, it was really amazing.

Gua, Antigua - me on the volcano pacaya
Me in front on top of the volcano pacaya, in the back the volcanoes of fire and water.

GUA, Antigua - glowing lava at the volcano pacaya
Glowing lava of the volcano pacaya

My first day in Costa Rica was good, i went directly to Alajuela, because i am fed up with the big cities, and let me tell you, Costa Rica is really expensive, and full of american tourists, so that even the prices are in US$, and if you pay in Colones the price is the half…. So i won´t spend my whole ten days here. On the second day, today, i went up to the volcano Poas, which can be reached by bus, right to the top, so fat americans don´t have to hike. the view was nice, but we (i met a german-croatien guy, Daniel) had three hours to kill, so we did the paved walk two times, and with the time more clouds blow up the mountain… and in the afternoon it rained for about one hour, exactly from 3pm to 4pm.

CR - me on the volcano Poas
Me on the volcano poas, in front of the smouldering sulfur lake.

so far, greets from Costa Rica, yours rene.

3 Gedanken zu “My last day in Guate & my first day in Costa Rica

  1. X sagt:

    hey flee,

    ich schreib dir mal in deutsch, damit dus nicht verlernen tust, wenn du bald wieder daheim bist. hehe.
    also, vielen dank für die karten! wir freun uns natürlich immer riesig, von dir zu hören.

    Na gut, rasier dich mal ordentlich, schnür die stiefel, stell dir nen wecker und dann ab nach SÜDDEUTSCHLAND. Mir wirds nämlich langsam langweilig und du drehst einfach die besseren Dübel;-)

    da X

  2. beate sagt:

    Elements of the earth as beautiful as it gets;) keep the sunshine in your heart. kia kaha

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