Hi people,

I am now in Vancouver since three days, i now i can say, this is really a marvellous city. When i arrived hear, i went to downtown, in a limousine, a guy i met on the plane gave me a ride, because they already had 5 people in that long car, so i could join’em.

The second day, i met a swiss guy from zurich, Pascal, we hiked to the Vancouver aquarium in stanley park, i saw some beautiful fishes, and even a beluga wale, (check the pictures, have less time to upload all…) after that through the very nice and big stanley park.

The third day i met David, from London, i liked his accent. I joined him on a hike up to Grouse mountain, it took us one hour and a half to hike up 800m, not to pay 30$ for a ten minute gondola ride. then further on to the top of the mt. grouse peak, on 1400m, from up there we had a gorgeous sight over whole Vancouver(see pics). i still have burning muscles, from that day trip.

today i’ve spent my time with Pascal, on the Granville island, also a real wonderful place, with live musicians the whole time, a public market, with all kinds of food, japanese, chinese, canadian bakery, fresh fish and fruits, coffee, … everything you would like to eat, it’s similar to the „fressgaessle“ in Freiburg, but even bigger and with changing musicians all the time. – That really was an enjoyed morning.

that’s it for the time, greets to all my readers. yours .fle

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  1. berni&ert sagt:

    bueno noche senorita!

    Ich heiße christoph und bei uns ist schönes wetter. beim x auch. die hühner ficken im hof. viele grüße, meine nase juckt- ich muss auflegen! Guhte Reise!

    P.S. uns fällt nix mehr ein, wir rollen ma‘ einen!

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