Two day trip to Jasper, Rocky mountains


I went for three days to Jasper, in the middle of the rockies. i took the greyhound bus, it needed 9hrs. to get there. At 4 a.m. in the morning i arrived, and not one shop or hotel was open, so i decided to go on a little hiking trip. two hours with 18kg on my back, my gosh, i was so lucky, when i, 3h later could warm myself up in a little Cafe, called Coco’s. after a little energy-wrap, i continued to hike, to get to the only hostel in jasper, 7km out of town. i hiked for another 4h maybe a little longer, and i saw lots of wildlife, elks, bulls and cows, some young deer and even squirrels and mice. But i couldn’t find this f*cking hostel. Then it began to rain, i got wet all over, so i decided to walk back to town to get some further information at the tourists office, which opened at 9 a.m., they told me that there is a shuttle bus to the tramway(which gets you up the gondola to the whistler mountain), and stops over by the hostel nearby. so, wet and finished by the trip that far, because no sleep in the bus, and that killerhike, i went to the liquor store, picked up a sixpack of beer and went to the hostel. there i got a shower and sth. to eat, and relaxed the rest of the day. the next day i went up to whistler mountain, by the gondola, with a danish girl i met in the hostel. the forecast for the weather was bad so i went back to calgary in the evening, another 9h in the greyhound…

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  1. fle sagt:

    hi X y Coco,
    gracias por vos comentario, mis espanol se desarolla muy bien. i am not yet in mexico, pero aprende la lengua en frequencia.
    buenos dias, y besos,
    vos .fle

  2. Rossis sagt:

    Tach Atze,
    Nice Pics Alder, aber nu zur Sache:
    fle, enviarnos un postal de San Fransisco y Vancouver, por favor 😉 aprende espanol chico porque tienes que entender nuestros cartas, vale? -^^-
    Familia Roßmanith, Hermann-Jäger-Weg 7, 79336 Herbolzheim
    Saludos y besos fabi y coco

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